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    Combinations change EVERYTHING!!!

    Last night I said to my fiancé.. y'know, I STILL like the name Echo Brooke (then I pouted, coz he said he hated the name Brooke a few weeks ago)

    He said "oh that's really nice" ..Whaaat?!! I understand that names "sound different" when combined with others, but didnt think it could go so far as to change his views on a name that he claimed to hate last month! *siiigh*

    Does anyone know if there's a place on this website (if not on here, is there another website?) where you can type your favourite names in, and they generate a combination of names, and maybe some name suggestions based on your fave names?

    Because I must admit, reading some name combinations online, has even made *me* pay attention to certain names I hadn't thought of before!

    The other question is.. Is there a way to view certain users name lists? When I see on posts that certain nameberry users have the same taste in names as me, it would be great to look at their lists! I click on their profile, but can't figure out how to view their lists! Can you see MY lists? I clicked the button that said "public" when I made them.. Can anyone help?
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    Wait until you add in the surname! For example, your Echo Brooke:

    Echo Brooke Cook - nooooo
    Echo Brooke Thompson - yes

    Or (based on a Lorelei Leigh I know, LeeLee):

    Lorelei Leigh Little - noooo
    Lorelei Leigh Thompson - alliterative but not horrifying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnielyn View Post
    Wait until you add in the surname! For example, your Echo Brooke:
    I agree that the surname makes even more difference (for me at least) than the middle.

    I searched around and there are a few middle name generators out there: Here, here, and here.

    As far as I know there isn't a way to find a member's lists unless they post a link to them in their signature. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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