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    I think winter is the best time(I am having a May baby so not biased).Summer is very hot where I live so I don't want to be pregnant in summer; September/October baby will be the youngest/the oldest in the class; in March there are always loads of exams in school so B-day during them isn't very good plus, almost every child I know who is born in spring is spoiled and rude(maybe it is a coincidence, but looks like a fact for me).
    Plus, winter is very dull except for X-mad time and having a birthday will cheer the season up.

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    I used to think the beginning of June was perfect (with the exception of a while when I was little where I wanted to have a baby on Christmas) and I ended up having Bea on May 17th. So far, it's just as wonderful a time to have a baby as I imagined, except for the fact that my busy time of year is March to May, so I was trying to be a productive person with my stomach out past my feet!
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    I'm having my baby in early June, and I think that's a great time. Here in New York, I'm avoiding being pregnant during the hottest parts of summer (July and August), the birthday is halfway through the year from Christmas (so it's easy to justify practical winter presents at Christmas and still have a reason for summer gifts - clothing, pool toys, etc.), plus what someone said about saving money in between birthdays and Christmases. And here the school year ends in late june for younger kids and early june for older kids - so as a little one they can celebrate in school with schoolmates, but as they get older they'll have the day off to celebrate more independently. Plus it's easier/cheaper to throw a summer birthday party. My birthday is in late June and I always really liked it.

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    I was born on July 28, and my brother July 18 (we were also due on the 25th and 15th, respectively). I love my birthday. Since I had speech problems when I was younger, my parents kept me back in pre-school another year (same with my bro), and I'm older than all of my classmates. I used to be annoyed by that until I realized I'd be able to drive before all of my friends. Being older in my grade may have something to do with my 'old soul' perspective on life. Because of this, I'd love to have a late summer baby and have them be one of the oldest in their class.
    However, since I want to be a teacher, having a baby right at the end of the school year in late May/early June would be great, as I wouldn't have to worry about whether I would have paid maturnity (sp?) leave. By the time school starts in August/September, the baby would be old enough to attend a day care OR I could get a nanny. But then again, the baby would be one of the youngest in the class.
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    I don't really mind but it would be nice to have a baby any month except December. Basically most of my closest family members are born in December (Mum, Aunt, Brother, Nanna, Uncle, Me). December needs some breathing space.
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