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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Oh, Emma, I have some signs I'd like to avoid too. Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Capricorn are not exactly on top of my list. I want a Libra, Gemini and Virgo; nice calm sweet signs to go with my Pisces. In the end it doesn't matter though, the baby will be lovely and lucky because it's yours.
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    I guess it depends on location, career, etc.

    I was a June baby (June 6th) so my mom was pregnant during the cooler months of the year. She didn't mind it, but she said it was a struggle with my brother and I being so new during the hot months of the year (we were born same day, 6 years apart). We were too young for sunscreen or being outside much, so my mom was pretty much stuck at home for awhile. Growing up, I loved being a June baby! I missed the cut off by like three days, so I had to wait a bit to enter school and was one of the older kids, but I always had warm weather on my birthday! Perfect for campouts, bonfires, pool parties My other siblings were born in February, March, and October so they got snow, rain, or cold weather..

    I know alot of teachers who, if they are trying to concieve, will plan it so that they can spend the summer months that they have off, with their babies before putting them in daycare or whatever.

    I personally would rather have a summer baby, like I was. It's worth it
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    I read through this just waiting to find some astrology talk and there it is! Haha. I'm an (amateur) astrologer. There's a lot more to astrology than just sun signs (what people are most familiar with). There's a whole chart filled will all the planets and all the signs and all this other good stuff that makes up an individual. I don't use astrology for predictions. is a good place to start if anyone is interested in themselves or children (future or otherwise). You can get your (anyone's) natal chart and explore around to find what it all means. is also a decent site. They have something called an interactive chart so all you have to do is click on things in your chart and it tells you exactly what that part of your chart means for you.

    I've always said that I need a daughter to be born a Libra as I am a Libra.. my mother is a Libra.. and her mother is a Libra. We have opals to pass down .

    I also want a Pisces son (with Pisces Mercury and Venus and a Gemini moon). I don't know why. I figured out a perfect date that all of that will happen months ago. I believe it's Feb 23 2015 (don't think I'm gonna make that deadline ). But I don't remember.

    Other than astrology, I really enjoyed being a fall baby, but being hugely pregnant during a California summer does not sound enticing. I'd say, just for my benefit, February or March would be nice. It doesn't really matter to me though.. I'm sure I'll be content with whatever as long as my LO is safe and healthy.
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    I obviously can't comment on the pregnancy side of things, but my birthday is very early May (it's three weeks today, actually ) and I've always liked it. You're not one of the oldest, you're not one of the very youngest, it's not freezing cold and it's not boiling hot (although I live in the UK where proper hot weather is an endangered species.) My mum would have been pregnant during the colder months and by the time it was hot weather I would have been about three months old so she could take me out places. So, in my totally unbiased opinion, I think being a late Spring baby is awesome.

    If I had a baby, I'd probably pick a similar time to mine, on the cusp of Spring/Summer, for the same reasons - not pregnant during the really hot months, he/she would be old enough to take out places when it is hot, and also at Christmas and New Year time the baby wouldn't be really tiny. Just my two cents.
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    No kids yet, but I was born during a snow storm and though my dad loved it (he's a huge fan of snow/winter), my mom hated it, so I'm assuming February isn't a good time...

    I would think it would suck to be born on a holiday. You basically have to share your birthday with another holiday, which to me would suck, which is why I'm glad I was born a week late since I was supposed to be a V-Day baby. Leap Year wouldn't be fun either because people will make fun of how you're only 4... and you'd have to celebrate your birthday on the 28th.

    I guess I would prefer to be pregnant during the fall-winter, and have a baby in spring. I hear being pregnant in summer is awful.

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