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    I had always wanted a baby born in October for some reason. Fall is my favorite season. But that would have meant going into my third trimester during the summer. No Thankyou! I have one winter baby and a late spring flower coming in May. I'm pretty happy I didnt have to suffer more discomfort than I already am with the heat!
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    I actually really liked having a September baby with my older DD, and if I could choose for a future baby, I would probably give birth around September/October again.

    She's amongst the oldest in my class, which I think is a good thing. I actually enjoyed being pregnant during the Summer. The UK doesn't generally get very hot weather so it was perfect, I wore comfy maxi dresses and loose cardigans for the whole Summer. I loved it.

    This baby is due in early June, which isn't an ideal month imo. He/She will either be very young or very old compared to other other children in his/her class when school starts. Its also hard to organise birthday parties when other families are making the most of the good weather and planning activities for their own kids when the weather gets a bit warmer.

    If I could choose for a future baby, I'd ideally like to give birth some time between September - December. I'd avoid January if I could (I hate January, I find the month anti-climatic and depressing) and the Summer months, purely for school purposes.

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    Mid-late spring would be perfect for me. (Say April to May) - Warm weather down here, yet not heavily pregnant all summer (I'm in the south, I grew up in NY,the heat gets to me as it is, I couldn't imagine being huge and sweaty and uncomfortable on top of being hot and sweaty as it is.

    My son was born at the end of March, but I was still living in NY then and the weather was still quite cold - so I definitely think that it really depends upon where I would be living. I don't think I would want a baby due in Winter, though, either - so I guess either Spring (March - April -May) or autumn (September - October).

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    I'm relieved to hear people saying that September is a good time to be born, and that it's not too tough to be among the eldest in your class. DH and I are thinking of trying to aim for an August or September baby this coming year, God-willing. I'll most likely be in school until June, and we'd like to time my pregnancy pretty tightly around that. Neither of us are particularly into astrology, but we both got weirdly superstitious when we were considering the month of July. Probably coincidentally, we've both had dissonance with people born under the sign of Cancer, and decided we'd be better off with a Leo or Virgo... It just feels better. But if it takes us a while to conceive, I wonder if we'll regret this. Anyone else going off of some such silly intuition?

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    Oh, Emma, I have some signs I'd like to avoid too. Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Capricorn are not exactly on top of my list. I want a Libra, Gemini and Virgo; nice calm sweet signs to go with my Pisces. In the end it doesn't matter though, the baby will be lovely and lucky because it's yours.
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