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    I had my son in January and it was great! Where I live in Canada, winter gets pretty nasty, and by January, February and March we get pretty tired of it. It was nice to be snuggled up in the house with a newborn, while it was too cold and snowy to spend much time outside. Then once the baby starts getting a little older and is easier to take out, it is just in time for spring and the lovely weather! The only downfalls to a January baby is that it is so close to Christmas, and my son's birthday will probably fall around exam time once he is in high school. I love that he will be a bit older when he starts school because of the January birthday. Especially, now that studies are showing that boys do better when they start school a little later.

    So far, my next is due December 13th, and I am not overly thrilled about it being so close to Christmas, especially since we always host Christmas dinner at our place. I have a feeling, my hubby will be doing the cooking this year.
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