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    Best month to have a baby

    To begin with, I'm fully aware that the title of this thread is kinda ridiculous. Just wondering.. if by any chance you can control it, what is your favourite month to have a baby? It can be because of the weather, season, or special occassion (e.g. christmas babies, new year, valentine, etc).
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    I'm a teen, so my judgment on this is clouded my teenage naivity, however I am well aware that these things can't really be controlled and if you're struggling to concieve you will happily have a baby whenever. BUT, I would prefer to have a child in summer (British Summer, so end of May-September/start of October). This is because my birthday is in July and growing up the weather was mostly lovely on my b'day allowing me to have great garden parties which also saved my parents some pretty pennies because they didn't have to book anywhere. I also like summer birthdays because they are a good distance away from Xmas allowing parents to save up money in between the occasions, most children I know who are born near Xmas hate it, and most summer babies love their b'day.
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    I would say towards the end of Spring (October/November) because then you wouldn't be enormously pregnant during the summer, but you wouldn't freeze during night feeds! However, if I'm pregnant right now (fingers crossed!), I'll be due in January - right in the middle of stinking hot forty degrees! That'll be fun...
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    I always wanted a September baby - it is far enough from Christmas, generally good weather, friends are back from the school holidays for birthday parties, and the chances of having an exam on your birthday is slim as it is only just back to school (at least in Canada). I am happy to settle for a November baby, though.
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    I've just moved from Texas to Oregon, so my memory of barely tolerable Texas summers is vivid in my mind. If I could have a baby in May, right before the really intolerable period of summer begins, that would be ideal, because I'd have neither first trimester miseries nor end of pregnancy miseries when it's 110 degrees with eight trillion percent humidity outside.

    However, I've had recurrent dreams of having a baby in December. This is somewhat ironic, because December has a lot of hangups for me: my late father was born on the 6th and died on the 24th, a beloved dog died on the 31st, a deceased friend was born on the 16th, and another family member died on the 29th - so it'd be an odd month for something decent to happen to me. I have Very Strong Feelings about New Year's, in particular.

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