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    I have no children as of yet, but my goal is to have a May baby. I live in NYC, so the weather isn't too warm nor too cold. Winter birthdays scare me because I see the difficulties people have attempting to get people to come out the house to attend a party when it's 20 degrees outside. I also know a 6-year-old who told me that she hated her birthday being a few days before Christmas because she doesn't feel special My birthday is late April and I love having the first official "yay, I don't have to wear a huge coat" outing be my party. I also plan by astrological sings, and I'd like a Taurus like me I also wouldn't mind an Aries or Gemini if the baby came early or late, respectively. May is also the only warm month during which there are no holidays or birthdays in my circle, which tend to run together (I have two godchildren born 6 days apart, the last being born 3 days before my bday, and their mothers are also 6 days apart in November). Yeah, May is perfect!

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    No kids yet, but this is something I've often thought about. We have large families and celebrate birthdays all together, so I'd like to try and avoid certain really busy months. My birthday is in November so I was always one of the youngest in my class... I think October would be the latest in the year I'd want to have a baby. So the months for me are: April, June, September, and October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by velvetcrush View Post
    I always wanted a September baby - it is far enough from Christmas, generally good weather, friends are back from the school holidays for birthday parties, and the chances of having an exam on your birthday is slim as it is only just back to school (at least in Canada). I am happy to settle for a November baby, though.
    Velvet - we have the same EDD! And weirdly, it was my EDD for my daughter as well.

    She was born 25 Nov 2010 I have nothing to compare it to but I loved having a November baby. We have good benefits and my husband was able to stay home for a week then go back to work for just three half days before he started xmas leave (we're in the army in Canada). I was never huge in the summer and the cold winter air was great for the baby, she loved going for walks in January and February. She was a month old at xmas and we got enjoy lots of parties.

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    I never like my early January birthday. Always so cold here in Canada and too close to Christmas.
    I personally would have liked to have a birthday in March, April or May.

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    I just wanted to chime in again - my birthday is Christmas Eve, and in my opinion, it's the worst time of year to be born. No one likes to do birthday parties so close to Christmas, it's freezing (at least in NY, though it still wasn't overly pleasant here in the south, either), my birthday was always combined with Christmas, which sucked......yeah, I would love to have a birthday basically any other time of year.

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