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    I think there are good and bad things about all seasons. I think Spring is good though, you avoid being heavily pregnant in the summer, and you also avoid having an infant in those hot months. For me March really is perfect; the last months of pregnancy I just wanted to cuddle up inside under blankets, and February and March are made for that (here in London anyway!). She'll be big enough for us to go on holiday to lazy beaches in July and August. She'll be four and a half when she starts school. If I could pick a month for my next babies, I'd choose October/November or May/June. I would avoid July, August, September and January if I could.
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    Of course I want to be pregnant NOW. But it's a fun question to think about. I'd like a May or June baby. I think kids' birthday parties are easier in the late spring or summer (I am in the U.S. in a state with harsh winters.)

    Then again, summer maternity clothes are very cute. I wouldn't mind being at the beginning/middle stages of pregnancy in the summer. Maybe not the end though, if I could help it.
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    If I could choose, I'd go with anything but spring. Cozy indoor birthday parties would be fun in the winter, and picnics or bonfire birthday parties would be fun in the summer and fall, but spring? What kind of a birthday party do you have in the spring? Spring is so ugly where I live. Trees are barren, everything is drab, ground is muddy...bleh. It's sunny and warm, of course, so you don't want to be stuck indoors for a birthday party, but it's too muddy and ugly to actually hold a party outdoors. I also tend to feel anxious and stressed particularly during springtime months. I've actually considered taking a break from TTC during the months when I would conceive a springtime baby. I know it's stupid, and I probably won't really take a break, but it has crossed my mind. No offense meant to anyone with a springtime birthday! It's just personal preference on something that ultimately isn't a big deal at all.

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    I always wanted a winter baby! So I could wrap them up and dress my newborn in very snuggly clothes, haha. But so far I have 2 Spring babies, My eldest was born in October and 2nd in November a year later, and now this baby is due at the start of summer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    No kids here yet, but an unusually high number of my teacher co-workers have children born in late winter/early spring (Feb-Apr)... you get your maternity leave and the summer with your baby and can go back to work in the fall
    I'm a teacher, and the summer break thing definitely ties into my assessment of the "perfect time" to have a baby, too. I'd prefer late June, personally, though...but that's only because I don't want to have to take time off of work.
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