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    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. These are the factors I consider:

    1. I don't want to be extremely pregnant during hot hot months (July, Aug, Sept)
    2. Avoid baby born during flu season (cases reported Sept thru April with the heaviest months being Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb; immunization available at 6 mo)
    3. I love layering clothes so being largest during colder months would be preferable
    4. No December births (no fun interfering with wildly variable Chanukah)
    5. No Aug or Sept birth (child will always be the eldest or youngest of their class)
    6. Prefer no mid-June, July, thru mid-Aug births (I went to two-month sleep away camp & I always felt sry for the summer b-days)

    So with all those specifications ... WHEN exactly fits?
    I consulted this chart (, and the best I can come up with is a March baby. For a St. Patty's Day baby you'd have to get prego in June. Then you wouldn't really need to shop for new bathing suits or sundresses for most of the summer, wear all my baggy cardigans and scarves in the third trimester in the winter, then baby would be old enough for newest strain of flu vaccine when it rolls out in September.

    Realistically, I'd be happy with a baby WHENEVER, but if I had to plan one, say with ART, then that's how I'd plan it. Cheers. (:
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    For a St. Patty's Day baby you'd have to get prego in June.
    It's Paddy.

    I think I'd pick September. I liked being one of the oldest in my class. The summer kids in my class hated being the youngest and didn't like that their birthday's fell in the summer holidays so they never got to celebrate their birthday's at school like the term time kids.

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    I really can't think of an ideal time for a British baby to be born -

    (September - November) is ideal for schooling - would be one of the oldest in their class. You would also not to be too pregnant during hotter months - we often get our hottest weather in may-june but it can be very variable haha!! However November is getting close to Christmas time.

    (Dec - Feb) wouldn't really want a christmas baby, and would also miss out on the skiing season (haha!)

    (March-May) Would be at your heaviest during cool months which would be nice, but kid would end having to revise and exams around their birthday.

    (June-Aug) Nice time of year to have a birthday - good weather for parties and activities, no school, but you would also be youngest in class which can leave kids at a disadvantage.

    I suppose I would choose early September, weather would be decent, would have kid at home for an extra year (oldest in class), and the child would be a few months old by the time the cold cold weather came. And British summers are never too hot really so it wouldn't matter as much being pregnant in summer.

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    I thought May or June would be good--pretty weather for outside parties and not super pregnant all summer.
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    No kids here yet, but an unusually high number of my teacher co-workers have children born in late winter/early spring (Feb-Apr)... you get your maternity leave and the summer with your baby and can go back to work in the fall
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