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    Well of course I would think January...that's when I was born & it's also when my daughter was born.

    Conceived around late April, I was in a bikini that summer (Probably for the last time of my life haha) and started really showing in fall, by winter I was very pregnant but the cool weather was a good thing, I was ready to pop on Christmas so my whole family got to see me like that and it was a great excuse to make them come to me!, the baby arrived in early January and I didn't mind being housebound. I didn't have the stress of worrying about my weight immediately cause everyone was bundled up for a few months anyway! Somehow I didn't have to buy a maternity coat either!

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    I guess I will bring this thread back. My birthday is Nov. 3 and I have always liked it. My birthday is close enough but far enough from the holidays. The weather has generally been very lovely for my bday (but then again I live in sunny California) I was always one of the younger kids but that never bothered me. When I have kids I would not like to be super pregnant in the summer months (from late june- late August). I wouldnt mind a november baby or anywhere from February-early June
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    I replied way back somewhere, but I have to say I found some perks to being way pregnant in the nice to be able to live out the last couple months in sandals and maxi dresses! I can't imagine having to layer and bundle up in maternity clothes, I hardly needed any since summer dresses flow and stretch.

    I think May--June would be my ideal next time around, but July wasn't half bad.
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    I think its good to have them in the earlier months i.e. jan-may. I found with my first daughter I got so many lovely girly dresses and because she was born at the beginning of june she started to fit them in the summer. Also, by time christmas came she was almost one and I find its quite hard to have a new born during the holiday season.

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