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    I think your daughter will spend her life saying. 'No, Tarah with a h'. Most people on hearing it will write Tara, which didn't used to matter so much but with email addresses really does - I speak as a Catherine who spends a lot of time spelling out her name - please go for the most common option of Tara. I sympathies because we loved the Brighid spelling but used Bridget because that's what 99% of people will write where we live.
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    I wouldn't say Terra and Tara with the same pronunciation at all. I like Terra and dislike Tara.

    Not only would I not say them the same, neither rhymes with Sarah to me. So colour me baffled.

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    I like the Tarah spelling the best. I would say them all as rhyming with Sarah.

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    I'm thinking I prefer Terra as it's more straightforward pronunciation wise and feels more whimsical, but I immediately thought of the video game.

    I would've never thought to pronounce Tarah and Tara to rhyme with Sarah. They look like "tar-uh" and that's probably what they'll get.

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    I actually like Tara best. The second would be Terra. The 'h' looks unnecessary in the other one (plus it will always be missed anyway). GL

    Ps. I have a friend with the name, Tara. She pronounces it like Sarah.
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