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    Quote Originally Posted by milliemm View Post
    I posted something similar to this when I first joined. I have quite a few feminine names on my boys list and wanted opinion on them. Here's mine: Sydney (and Sidney), Quinn, Tempest (yes this is a girls name but I love it for a boy: would only use in the middle though), Devon, Cassidy, Phoenix, and Riley.
    Almost all of these I would rather see on a boy than a girl! Sidney is more masculine than Sydeny, somehow...I guess it's more traditional and literary than the place nameyness of Sydney? Quinn, Devon, Phoenix, Riley...all would be great on boys and I think are still considered unisex?? The only Devon I've know was a boy. Cassidy gives me pause, but then I think Butch Cassidy and it seems so cowboy and awesome. Tempest is fun, too, esp as a middle.

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    It is SO fascinating which names have been posted. All of these have stronger male associations for me, based on the real-life people I've known with the names: Hadley, Avery, Emerson, Elliot, Devon, Brook.

    It's amazing to me that the nameberry entry says Hadley is too far on the girl's side to be a boy! The only Hadley I've known is a 6 yr old boy who was named for the surname of good friends of his parents. It has also seems totally fitting to him and not feminine at all. But obviously I'm behind the times, as it is #130 for girls in the US?!! And not on the charts for boys?!

    I also known a male Kelly. Also, DH's great-uncle was an Emerson probably born in the 1940s....any name ending in -son feels like it's inherently masculine to me!

    ETA: Carson

    All of these are very BOY to me, if not pure unisex. I disagree that Taylor, Logan, Tyler can't be used on boys anymore. Crazy. I know more boys than girls with all these names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ruolan View Post
    I want these to be boy names so badly!

    Whitney, Loren, Bailey, Madison, Carey, Emerson, Kelley, Avery

    My boys' list would be a lot longer if these were more socially acceptable on a boy. Not that I agree when someone tells a new mom her daughter has a "boy name", but it would be nice to meet a young man with a name like this who isn't sneered at for having a "girl name." Some of the others that have been listed I still like on a girl though.
    If you want them to be on your boy's list keep them there! Of those I think Avery and Emerson would still work for a boy despite their popularity on girls. Carey and Kelley I think would work better now than a generation ago since Carrie and Kelly aren't common for girls anymore (I'd probably also say the same about Loren since Lauren is dropping for girls as well). The only one from your list I'd hesitate myself on using for a boy is Madison, and that's because it's so common for girls while now virtually unheard of for boys at the same time.

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    I know its already been said but...ASHLEY!! I wanted to name my son Ashley originally but got discouraged... Oh well...Lucius suits him better anyway

    Also...Briar, Valentine, Nikita (in Russia its masculine but here in Canada...its anything but).

    I will probably think of more later....

    Awesome thread!!

    Esther (has boyish sounds...kinda like Arthur)
    Rene (used to be a masculine name)
    Juniper (close to mega masculine god name Jupiter)
    Gale (hopefully this one will take off thanks to the Hunger Games!)
    Rue (like it better for a girl but I can see it working for a boy)
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