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    I have taught a male Darcy and my step sister's son is Harley- I much prefer these names on boys .
    There is a male Paris at my school . I think it's lovely on a boy- can't get past the Romeo and Juliet connection for use on a girl.

    Love Jules- reminds me of Jules Holland who I love
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    I posted something similar to this when I first joined. I have quite a few feminine names on my boys list and wanted opinion on them. Here's mine: Sydney (and Sidney), Quinn, Tempest (yes this is a girls name but I love it for a boy: would only use in the middle though), Devon, Cassidy, Phoenix, and Riley.
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    Agree with all of these!

    I am always getting the feedback that Sequoia is feminine - which still boggles my mind, since the orignal namesake was a man, and giant redwoods are pretty darn masculine if ya ask me!


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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    Jules is hubby's top 5 for male child. I think it's vintage and very handsome.
    My great-grandfather was Jules. It's very handsome and puts me in mind of Jules Verne.

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