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    Lindsay and Meredith are two that come to mind, as well as Ysaie - not actually a featured name here on Nameberry, but actually the (possible) name of one of Tristan and Iseult's sons (along with Marc, rather oddly...not necessarily a sibset I would have chosen myself). Actually, I haven't heard anyone try to use Ysaie as a girl's name, but in the few pree-Googling minutes before I knew it was masculine, I assumed it was a girl's name. I don't know why, but I have learnt my lesson now, and will try not to pre-judge again.

    What a good thread topic!

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    I'm going with Ariel (Disney movie boo!). Very commonly given to boys among Spanish-speaking parents (it's 78 in Chile) but obviously given much more to girls. I like it better on a boy anyway.

    Wanted to edit to add that the MALE mayor of Providence, Rhode Island is named Angel.
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    Ariel, Darcy, Marion, Meredith & Vivian.

    Jules and Robin also, but here in England I'd say they are more male anyway.
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    I haven't read the whole thread, but I'd like to add Addison, Harper, and Bailey to this list! I would say Avery, too , but its been mentioned already.

    I'm prepared to be tr and feathered, but If we were doing one of these for the girls, I would add Jasper to the list. It has a similar sound to Vesper, Harper, Esther, etc., and if Ruby and Pearl are feminine, why not Jasper?
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    Sorry for repeats, but here's my favorites.

    Evelyn: not everyone knows this used to be for boys! I think it's really dashing, when pronounced like EVE-lyn.
    Shelby: this is actually my own name. I've met one boy called Shelby, and I though it was so handsome!

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