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    Yes, let's all get with the times and base our opinions on public consensus. How dare anyone call Fauntleroy a sissy name?

    Give me a break. I'm over the whole speech police thing. If you find something so homophobic or racist - and btw these are usually buzzwords meant to shut down debate, since people are scared to be called a homophobe or racist - then don't come to the site. Forcing people to conform to the general consensus and express themselves "correctly" is Orwellian and disgusting.

    I'm surprised by how much politics finds its way onto the boards in general. I've already had to read far too many posts about transgender youths and how gross the Bushes are for a freakin' baby name forum.

    Pam and Linda are fixing the comments - fine. You won. But when people express why they weren't offended by the original comments, many of you are actually offended that we weren't offended?! LOL. Wow.

    I wasn't offended. I feel fine about not being offended. If that makes me a racist homophobic racist homophobe, cool.

    No one is forcing them to do anything, so no one is being the "speech police". Again - we all get that the descriptions are full of opinions - but like it's already been stated - if you are in the public eye, you either phrase things in a non-offensive way or you get a crap reputation. No offense, but since a huge portion of the country thinks that racism, homophobia and the like IS offensive and wrong, it would serve them well to phrase things in a way that does not come across that way. And yes, homophobia and racism are hotbutton words, but REALLY - what else can "limp wristed" be described as? What other possible explanation could there be to using the term "limp wristed" in a description of a name that has a high profile homosexual attached to it? There isn't even an argument there. Whether it was meant to be nasty or not is not the point - the point is that it comes across as extremely vile and we pointed it out. It's their own prerogative whether to change it or not.

    When your fans come out and say that they don't like what you are doing, you have two choices: you can acknowledge it and address the problem or ignore it and keep doing it your way. Pam and Linda have obviously decided that the feelings and views of their supporters are important to them, so they looked over and addressed the issue. Some things have been changed, others have not - via THEIR choice. But, again, when you are in the public eye and you put your work out there, people WILL tell you how they feel and how things come off, it's part of being well known and being brave enough to put yourself out there.

    That being said - politics has it's place here in some cases, but I agree - not in so many things that they are brought into. But then, you are the one who told a 15 year old girl that she shouldn't be having sex based on things more than just physical consequences, so you can't play innocent there.

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