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    Quote Originally Posted by labmama View Post
    Please add Lance- "Lance, despite the heroic achievements of Lance Armstrong, has a rather limp-wristed soap opera image"

    I only just noticed the reference to Lance Armstrong, now disgraced. My issue is with the description is the use of "limp-wristed." (It bothers me so much!)

    Definition 1: describes a man who seems, by his manner, to be gay
    Definition 2: describes a man who does not behave in the strong and determined way traditionally expected in men
    That's horrible!

    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    I also have a hard time believing that the "limp-wristed" comment has nothing to do with Lance Bass, a famous bearer of this name and an out gay man. For shame, Pam and Linda.
    And I agree with this.

    I've never really looked up any names in the nameberry database, I only use behindthename. But there's obviously some crazy stuff going on!
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