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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Something should be added in India's description about the name being controversial.
    Also agree; is it really deserving to be called a 'highly recommended favorite' with all the controversy?
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tay2thestars View Post
    Did you mean to say that it ranks higher for girls than guys?

    Anyhoo, that might just be where you live as well as the age group. At my school, there are female Taylors everywhere (including me haha). Last year, on the swim team alone, there was about 6 female Taylors. As far as I know, there's only a few male Taylors here and there. It's interesting how there is such a difference in different locations, despite the name rankings.
    Ah, yeah. Location. I'm in the South, so that's probably it.

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    I agree with everyone about the boys' names as girls' names. My favorite name is Winslow that received this treatment. I think it's an older man that could come back for little boys. It's not in the top 1000 for either gender. (It's a family name: that I could see myself using. Name nerd: not pregrant but still thinking.)
    I also really dislike the list Names All Your Friends Will Think Are Cool. While I l like many of the boys' names on that list. I am not sure I would say oh how cool! I also dislike most of the girls names on that list. Yes Maisie fits the trend of nicknames and cutesy names as names. I don't like it. If I met someone with a baby named Maisie, I would be thinking "You do know she's going to grow up, right?"

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    Deirdre is dated too, apparently. It's probably the most familiar Irish name here, but in no way is it dated IMO. It hasn't really had its turn in the spotlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I like the description for Madison on a boy: "When a name has been in the girls' Top 10 for a decade, would you really want to inflict it on a son?"

    ...said they who listed James and Arthur as girls' names.
    "Unisex name" hypocrisy in a nutshell. A name with feminine associations is INFLICTED on a boy, as though girliness is some kind of awful punishment, and yet a male name on a female is completely positive? The internalized misogyny is heartbreaking.
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