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    My daughters name is Mimi. It's not short for anything, her full name is just that. The descriptor for Mimi is "Flirty, flimsy name of the tragic heroine of La Bohème...and Rent."

    I certainly don't mind the connection to the heroine it's the word "flimsy" that annoys me the most.
    I disagree with negative description for names since it feels like bullying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    I've never been impressed by the one-sentence description of Darcy: "The ultimate Jane Austen hero name, but a bit feminine for an American boy." Perhaps there's just not much to say, but it does rub me the wrong way and that's what this thread is for, right?
    I've known a girl named Darcy and a girl dog named Darcy. I still do not think of this as a girl name or a dog name. I don't know if it's truly unisex or another boys' name used on girls, but it's perfectly on-trend for boys and, what with Austen's Darcy, there's a strong argument for it being entirely masculine.
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    Just wanted to add my $0.02: Osbert doesn't seem wimpy to me at all. It just screams brawny-knight-in-a-Harlequin-romance-novel, much like Osric. In fact, the stark contrast of Osbert's description to Osric's description is sadly comical, since Osric is "clad in armor." Poor Osbert... so similar, yet so condemned. o.O
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    Please add Lance- "Lance, despite the heroic achievements of Lance Armstrong, has a rather limp-wristed soap opera image"

    I only just noticed the reference to Lance Armstrong, now disgraced. My issue is with the description is the use of "limp-wristed." (It bothers me so much!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by labmama View Post
    "...has a rather limp-wristed soap opera image"
    "Limp-wristed"? WTF?!

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