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    Elke is beautiful, and I've never heard of Elke Sommers at all so the sex kitten-thing is a little on the extreme side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by argenta_genova View Post
    I don't much care for Elke's image being described as "German sex kitten," but I could just be overly prudish. It just sounds very odd to use "sex kitten" in the info of a potential baby name. But hey, this thread is about descriptions that "rub us the wrong way" so there ya go. :-/
    German sex kitten?! What in the world...
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    OMG! I had never read the description of Elke before and I have no idea what they thinking. First of all I don't have much of image Elke one way or the other. "Seemingly a contradictory statement" Since I have no preconceptions about the name, I have literally no idea what is contradictory. The whole thing is bizarre.

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    I've never been impressed by the one-sentence description of Darcy: "The ultimate Jane Austen hero name, but a bit feminine for an American boy." Perhaps there's just not much to say, but it does rub me the wrong way and that's what this thread is for, right? I hate seeing it described as feminine, but I guess I can kind of see where that's coming from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I like the description for Madison on a boy: "When a name has been in the girls' Top 10 for a decade, would you really want to inflict it on a son?"

    ...said they who listed James, George, and Arthur as girls' names.
    Oh gosh, yes. That one irked the heavens out of me.

    How can Howard or James be suggested for a girl, but Madison shouldn't be inflicted on a boy? I'm confused to that reasoning.
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