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    Something should be added in India's description about the name being controversial.

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    Glad to see this thread! In addition to offensive, inappropriate, or negative descriptions, there are also some that contain inaccuracies.

    Osbert: "soft" and "wimpy"
    Dorian: "crossed the lake into the girls' camp several years ago" - I think it's worth noting that popular stats pretty thoroughly refute this claim; Dorian has never been ranked for girls, while it's been bouncing around the 400-500-600 range since the early '70s for boys. In 2011 there were 488 male to 21 female Dorians, and the gap wasn't any smaller "several years ago," either.

    I'm sure I'll come across more soon enough, but that's all I really have off the top of my head.

    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Great thread.

    It really bothers me that so many traditionally male names have boy AND girl entries. The same is not true of a single traditionally female name I can find. Examples: Dorian (brought up on another thread), Arthur (seriously?!), Roscoe ("even edgier, more hipster" for girls than boys, apparently), Everett ("a prime crossover candidate" -- if I see a girl with this name I will cry), Elliot, James ("James for a girl? Well, why not?" SO MANY REASONS), Emmet...I could go on. Stop the madness! Or, alternatively, list Emma, Ella, Jemima, Verity, Dora, Aria, Rachel, etc, as unisex as well. Why NOT use these names on a boy, if James is acceptable for a girl?
    Keith and Cyril (particularly Cyril: "snooty sounding for a boy, it's both soft and virile for a girl") have some, er, interesting entries as well. And let's not forget Ira!
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    I know equal numbers of male and female Taylors, and all the Sidneys I know are old men. Completely agree that India's description should include the note that it is controversial!
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I understand Taylor currently ranks higher for boys than for girls, but am I the only person who knows more male Taylors than female Taylors? Taylor is a pretty common name amongst the guys at my school, whereas we only have two or three female Taylors.

    In other words, Taylor Lautner is not the only thing keeping Taylor viable for a boy.
    Did you mean to say that it ranks higher for girls than guys?

    Anyhoo, that might just be where you live as well as the age group. At my school, there are female Taylors everywhere (including me haha). Last year, on the swim team alone, there was about 6 female Taylors. As far as I know, there's only a few male Taylors here and there. It's interesting how there is such a difference in different locations, despite the name rankings.
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    I like the description for Madison on a boy: "When a name has been in the girls' Top 10 for a decade, would you really want to inflict it on a son?"

    ...said they who listed James, George, and Arthur as girls' names.
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