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    Quote Originally Posted by oliviasarah View Post
    This is the reason I wouldn't ever use India - It's a beautiful name but there is nothing sweet about naming your little white baby girl after a nation which her own country oppressed not so long ago.

    But then again I'm just very fussy over what's culturally appropriate etc.
    I'll say again. Stop. Before this sky rockets out of control again.

    Quote Originally Posted by linda View Post
    Let me just say....we are slowly making our way through the 50,000 names in the database and making a lot of changes!
    Yay Looking forward to hearing about them!
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    This isn't necessarily offensive, just a little disappointing in how they've described Royce for a boy (Make up your mind: Roy or Reece, but not both.) but somehow it's totally appropriate and "cool" for a girl? (Upscale thanks to Rolls, and a contempo way to honor a grandparent Roy or Joyce.) To me, it's clearly a boy's name, especially because the meaning is "son of the king".

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    Methinks the yankees can be a bit sensitive sometimes! LOL
    You know, it's snarky remarks like this one that make me feel quite unwelcomed on Nameberry at times. Totally unprovoked and not helpful in the least.

    Now, back to the TOPIC.... when I first started visiting Nameberry years ago one of the first names I searched was Cedric. At the time, the info provided put me off from the name. However, now that I'm older I am less concerned with other people's opinions.

    To Pam and Linda's credit, they've built a great site. I also trust that they're making changes to the descriptions. I don't think they knew that some people would take the name descriptions as general consensus (as I did years ago). However, comments like "sissified" and "limp-wristed" MUST be changed... In fact, I'd put Lance and Cedric on the priority list. This might sound *sensitive* to some, but anything directly offending the LGBT community or any ethnic group shouldn't at all be tolerated. After all, we're all here to name babies of all different backgrounds.

    I would like to raise one question: Are people wanting ONLY general/factual/objective/historical information in the name descriptions? Should words like "handsome" and "exotic" also be taken out, as they are also opinions?

    This is a great topic, by the way. I'd like to add Maxine to the list, although the description doesn't really offend me: "Playing mah-jongg down at the clubhouse with Bernice and Thelma." It's actually a bit funny to me, but I guess the reason it confuses me is because I don't see Maxine as "stale" as Bernice and Thelma. I think Maxine is quite ripe and ready for revival... But that's just my own opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beautiful_haiku View Post
    I would like to raise one question: Are people wanting ONLY general/factual/objective/historical information in the name descriptions? Should words like "handsome" and "exotic" also be taken out, as they are also opinions?
    I don't mind that the descriptions contain some opinion; my primary objection is to the offensive stuff, though I don't like that there's also misinformation. (Not to keep harping on Dorian's entry, but it's a prime example of one that contains an authoritatively-delivered falsehood, in that it never went to the girls: not years ago, not now, and not in anyone's wildest delusions. AGH)

    I do think it's annoying that the opinion portrayed in the descriptions can be very one-sided. Just because the author doesn't like a name is no reason to dismiss it out of hand, you know? Comments like "better to leave this one alone" are neither necessary nor appropriate. I can acknowledge the appeal of names that aren't to my taste and I can see the drawbacks of using even my favorite names; every name has positive and negative qualities, and I'd like to see a little more recognition of this amid all the opinion.
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    Oh East93, this is so great! Thank you.
    I do wonder if it would take some of the heat off of Pam and Linda (and add to their credibility) to just give factual background information about the names, and include another section (possibly open to member contributions) that goes into their thoughts about "possible teasing points" or opinions about each name. I suppose that's what the forums are for. I refer to other sites for the most part, when I'm looking for factual information.

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