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    Musings on Nathan

    So I tend to like boy names that aren't that classic - or at least not classic and popular. But I really like Nathan (no, not Nathaniel). So....looking for some thoughts:

    1) Do you like the name?
    2) Who do you imagine with this name?
    3) How awful would Nathan be with brothers such as Bram, Rory, Emile, or Dashiell (Dash)?
    4) What names would you put in a sibset with Nathan that aren't as common/classic?
    5) How bad would the flow be with middle names Richard Dale?

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    I like Nathan. Much more than Nathaniel, anyway. I almost think Nathaniel woul go better with Bram, Rory, Emile, and Dashiell, but I do prefer Nathan. I do think he could be a brother to them, even though it's not terribly intuitive. I imagine a little boy (or man) with a noble heart and a passion for the underdog. I think Nathan Richard Dale could work quite well.
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    1) it's nice, not a favorite but a solid good name
    2) A nice guy, maybe a bit soft spoken, average or maybe a bit nerdy or sporty
    3) Well, none of them are really part of a specific theme or type -- it's not like it's Jesus, Jorge, Juan, and Nathan, lol
    4) maybe Theo, Wesley, Calvin, Micah
    5) not bad, Nathan Dale actually sounds really good!

    ps. I really like the options for nn's -- Nate, Nat, Thane, maybe even Ned with mn Dale.
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    I like it and think it goes well with the brother names and middle names. I agree with kala_way as far as the image goes. I like Nathanel or Nathaniel better but Nathan is a wonderful as well

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    Thanks for the thoughts. If there was a nickname it would probably be Nate, but I really like Nathan in full. Glad it seems people agree that it would stick out like a sore thumb with those potential siblings...and also that the middle names could probably work.
    Switching careers and becoming an RN! Sadly mommy plans will have to wait until that's done. Still loving names though!

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