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    I guess I wouldn't mind if she was called Phil as she got older, especially if she was quirky and hilarious, which I like to think I can be. And Mena or Mae is cute, maybe even Oma, Omi, or Ona.
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    I like it, its on my 'maybe' list. I dont perceive it at all as 'flaky and over the top' like an above poster says. That she couldnt see a lawyer or doctor Philomena? Huh? Go to Ireland and I am sure you will find many professional astute Philomenas. Its actually a very well-known and established Irish Catholic name/formerly thought to be a Saint. Lots of St. Philomena churches etc. I guess its all about what you have been exposed to in life that creates your perception. I think Irish Catholic not flaky.

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    I wouldn't really like to name my own child Philomena, but if you love it, use it. Philomena Ione is a beautiful combo and you should definitely consider it for a little girl.
    However; here are some suggestions that I think you might like:
    -Phoenix (Greek name which means rebirth)
    -Photini (another Greek name meaning light)
    -Calypso (has that O in there you like; strong name)
    -Elodea (again; has that O in there that you like)

    Also, your concern was about a boy sib set and not being able to find a name to match Philomena? Non sense There are names out there that would fit perfectly such as Pyrus, Calisto, Roman, Cole, and my favorite that I think sounds AWESOME together is: Aristotle and Philomena. Love it.

    Lastly, the nickname Phil would be cool!
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    The Favorites For Now (constantly change):

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    I agree with Aurora... I actually know a Philomena who is in her 40's. She's a family friend. She has 3 brothers, though I do not think her name matches theirs. Her brothers are Dermott, Allan and....I'm tempted to say Craig but I can't remember the name of the 3rd brother for the life of me - he recently moved back to Ireland where the family is from.
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    I love this name, but I do have a personal connection. I once knew a nun named Sister Philomena, so to me the name is serene & kind sounding, like she was. I totally get the earthy artistic vibe as well. I think that Philomena Ione is a gorgeous name! I would save longer/stronger Bernadette (another name I love!) to pair with a future daughter's name...or in the fn spot as it sounds great with Philomena.

    I think you could use nicknames like- Fee, Effie, Lo, Lola, Minnie, Feena, Lena, Mia, Mimi...a lot of nn potential.

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