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    I really love this name but... Its too unrealistic!

    I really love the name Philomena (pronounced "phil-oh-meena") and the meanings it has (lover of strength, lover of singing) as I think its feminine and earthy, but still provides a sense of strength. Its just... so unrealistic to give to an actual girl, don't you think? Plus its hard to find boy sibling names for it, so I could end up backing myself into a corner if I use it. Not only that, but I don't like the nickname Mina very much.

    What do you all think? What could be some name alternatives, or names that can convey the same feelings I get with Philomena? I really love O names, since my name is Olivia, and lately I've kind of taking a liking to Ophelia, especially the -phelia ending. In my signature are names I could really see myself using in real life, as the man also likes them too. I don't know what he thinks about Philomena, or Ophelia for that matter.

    I also really want to incorporate Ione as the middle name, to honor my grandmother. I'd also like to be able to use the middle name Bernadette, to honor my great-aunt (also Ione's sister), if by chance I have another girl.

    I'd really love to hear ideas, input, suggestions, and all that jazz!
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    I don't like it but It can have the nn Pippa which about 80% of berries like.
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    Since I first read your thread less than an hour ago, I see you've replaced Philomena with Ophelia in your signature list and relegated Philomena to "guilty pleasure" status! I needed a bit of time to think.

    Honestly, I think Philomena might have less trouble in the "real world" than Ophelia would. Ophelia has the troubling Hamlet association, which admittedly not everyone will realize, so I honestly see Philomena as less problematic. And if Penelope, Persephone, Wilhelmina and Philippa are now being used again in the real world, why not Philomena?

    The aforementioned Wilhelmina and Philippa give me a similar feeling to that of Philomena. I used Nameberry's Super Search for the first time (!) to come up with these other suggestions:


    Best wishes!
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    I think it's out there, but I don't think it's too crazy to use. Mena is such an accessible nickname that I think it could actually work. Nobody would bat an eye meeting a Mena, and if Philomena hates her name she has that. I know you said you dislike Mina, but it's not your name- ultimately people choose what they go by, and you can't tell your children they can't use a nickname if they want to. If you're that set against Mena, I don't think you should use the name. Otherwise, I think you're alright.

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    I think that Ophelia lends itself as a much more compatible name to a young girl than Philomena. As a younger kid, she could go by Fifi, Lia/Lea, etc. I think that the "O" balances out the seriousness of the strong Greek-sonuding "phil" suffix/prefix. I also think that the syllable count for Ophelia Ione works better than Philomena Ione.

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