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    I think Philomena could be workable. With all the Sofias and Fionas in the next generation, there are going to be a lot of little girls going by "Fi." An unusual name with a common nickname can hit the sweet spot for originality. There's also "Lo," which is pretty cute. And really, it's not like Philomena is harder to say than Margaret.

    Or have you considered Ione Philomena?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebenezer.scrouge View Post
    I don't like it but It can have the nn Pippa which about 80% of berries like.
    Pippa is a cute nickname, but I think it ruins the feel of what Philomena gives me. Also I just couldn't see myself with a little Pippa running around.

    Quote Originally Posted by auroradawn View Post
    Since I first read your thread less than an hour ago, I see you've replaced Philomena with Ophelia in your signature list and relegated Philomena to "guilty pleasure" status! I needed a bit of time to think.

    Honestly, I think Philomena might have less trouble in the "real world" than Ophelia would. Ophelia has the troubling Hamlet association, which admittedly not everyone will realize, so I honestly see Philomena as less problematic. And if Penelope, Persephone, Wilhelmina and Philippa are now being used again in the real world, why not Philomena?

    The aforementioned Wilhelmina and Philippa give me a similar feeling to that of Philomena. I used Nameberry's Super Search for the first time (!) to come up with these other suggestions:


    Best wishes!
    Yeah, I did change that, and I feel silly for it because I change that dumb signature so often... And I did consider the association of Ophelia in Hamlet and that's why I didn't consider it for a long time. But I told myself that a lot of people aren't going to know the history of that character... and besides, if I have a little Ophelia, she can make her own name for herself. Who knows, she could even reinvent the name for her English and Theatre teachers someday.

    I did think about Wilhelmina with the nickname Willa, but my guy's best friend's name is Will. Honestly I like Wilhelmina mostly for the nickname Willa, so I don't think that would go well either. I like Athena and Helena, but I just can't see myself with one. I really appreciate the in-depth reply!!

    Quote Originally Posted by kerrycl View Post
    Or have you considered Ione Philomena?
    I have considered Ione as a first name, but every time I write Ione as a character for a short story or play, my readers always ask "Why is my character named Lone??" or "How do I even pronounce this??" I blame Arial font for making capital I's similar to lowercase l's... Also I'm afraid every time I called for little Ione, my mother would cry, as she misses her mother (Ione) very much.

    I think mostly why I love Philomena is the "phi" or "pheel" sound to it. I think that's why I thought Ophelia was so similar to it. I like that Ophelia starts with an O, but I mostly like the -phelia part to it. Its earthy and feminine. I really like hearing everyone's suggestions and input!

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    My great aunt Philomena was nick named Philly, I think it's totally usable and not that dissimilar to Phillippa. My grandmother's siblings were:

    Leontia (my grandmother)

    there were 13 in total but I can't remember them all without looking them up! I have met a younger Philomena in her 40s, my great aunt wad born in 1916. My family is Irish and it was far from uncommon in her generation. The younger Philomena I met more recently was Kenyan.
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    I think Philomena is far more usable than Ophelia (oh-feel-ya). Obviously I adore it. Minnie or Mina are nice nicknames and Philomena Ione is a gorgeous combo.
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    I don't like Philomena at all, sorry.

    I think Ophelia Ione is beatiful and I think Ophelia is quite usable due to the similarity to Olivia - 4 syllables, starts in O, ends in ia, same consonant-vowel structure.
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