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    I was so excited to see this issue being discussed outside of the name nerd world when I saw this piece on Jezebel earlier, then I came here to make a thread & saw this wonderful one! I feel like the original piece could have presented the argument more clearly, but it's great to see this being discussed as a feminist topic & could not agree with the sentiment more.

    So many amazing points have been made here, that I don't have much to add. However, on the question of what we can actually do about it, my choice is to encourage the use of unisex names (mostly nature or surname names) instead of historically male ones to posters who are set on giving their daughter a tomboyish name & to keep making this argument to anyone who'll listen. I don't think the answer is giving to give our sons a girls' name, though; until the wider misogynistic attitudes change, there's no use consigning little boys to miserable childhoods.

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