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    There are a few interesting points made here, and a few who are clearing just baiting for an argument. I use to have a strong opinion on this but now it really feels like kicking a dead horse. Rowangreeneyes made the best point here, whats your end game? All you can do is name your children the names you like and let other people name their children what they like. I read over and over how most posters love Name berry because in the real world people make them feel bad about the names they love. Then they turn around and make others feel bad about the names they love because they are 'trendy' 'down market' 'Walmart/toddlers and tiara sect'.

    I don't know, I just don't see the point of getting upset about something you really can't change. Please dont take anything I said as a personal attack. I am just stating things as I see them.

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