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    Don't we see this same situation in nature ALL the time? Don't females in most other species "groom" themselves to be more attractive to males? It always seems to be the people trying to be so violently feminist and against stereotypes are the ones frowning upon "girly" things. Little girls who like spa parties and pink clothes are poor little misguided girls who society is cramming these ideas into their heads, they should be outside climbing trees and doing boy things because little girls getting their nails painted obviously would rather be outside playing in the mud. Differences between males and females are there for biological reasons, and not everything is a social experiment being manipulated by advertising and the entertainment industry. It all just seems like a big pile of hypocrisy to me. I'm not an overly frilly person, but I enjoy "female" things like getting my hair done, make up, facials, pedicures, etc, because I enjoy them. Period. And if those things make me more attractive to my mate... Good.
    I think some traits are biological, and some are nurtured in a way that is distorted. There's nothing twisted about a girl who likes pink or who likes to primp, but there is too much emphasis put on physical beauty, cuteness, "femininity" in young girls.
    The opposite is also true. Masculine traits are associated with power and success. Women have to work harder to prove themselves in male-dominated fields, while statistically, we take a pay-cut. Nameberry thinks Cyril is "virile for a girl."
    Funny, Rowangreeneyes, I didn't mention tree-climbing as an example of a masculine activity. I mentioned climbing trees, reading books, playing make-believe, as things that all kids should be encouraged to do, rather than spending their time having beauty parlor parties, wasting their energy on superficial values that may backfire and make them feel inadequate later in life. I don't think of tree-climbing as a masculine activity. I think of trees as quite gender-neutral, which is why I consider Rowan, Linden, and the like to be truly unisex names. Do you feel differently? ;-)

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