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    although i'm usually wary of jezebel's "feminist" preachings, particularly the hugo schwyzer-esque mansplaining and commandeering of the movement, this writer makes a valid point.
    i feel like this tendency toward male names - or at least unisex names - for female babies is often a symptom of patriarchy in that it signifies a yearning to reject the supposed boundaries that femininity implies. we don't see it as often the other way around because there are no boundaries to John, Mike, or Bill. a Violet or Julia has an immediate, although hardly significant, vulnerability that a Mason or Noah has not, simply because she is feminine. many assign boy names to their girls as a way of combatting this vulnerability, or otherwise to troll the system.
    however, i don't think it is inherently antifeminist to choose a gender-neutral name for a child because what i just described is not always the case. we do have to remember that names, like gender, are not a binary but a spectrum. we wouldn't often name our daughter Richard, but we might name her Christian. we wouldn't name our son Alyssa, but we might name him Avery. nonetheless, i do agree with you - why the f do we have to escape our female identities under the guise of a male's name? yet i can't help but think that it's merely a mechanism mothers implement - a symptom of the greater problem rather than the problem itself.
    i'm seventeen and i think everyone deserves to have sincere thought put into their name.
    girls - hero, sawyer, oona, ellis, rita, dolores, esther, kennedy, thea.
    boys - oscar, abraham (abe), arthur, paul, israel, howard (hal), buddy (bud), peter, sam.

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