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    Help with sibling name for Lucian?

    We are due in 2 weeks (!!), and are having a difficult time deciding on either boy or girl names. I started with a long list of possibilities, but hubby has vetoed most of them. *sigh* Sibling is nearly 6 yr old Lucian Alexander. Last name is pronounced Gore-ell.

    Hubby-approved short lists (names interchangeable as first or middle) -

    Boys: Bram, Magnus, Ulric or Aldric, Vladimir, Balthazar, Dragomir, and Vladric. Iffy on Roarke and Ronan. I also like Graeme and Gideon, but not with our last name. Perhaps as middle names? Our first inclination was Vladimir Ulric, since that was our back-up for our first kiddo, but we aren't so sure now. Hubby loves Balthazar Dragomir, but I don't know if I can do that to a little baby, lol. Although I do like Baz as a NN.

    Girls: Inara, Nuada or Nuala, Artemis, Thisbe, Aurora, Gwendolyn. Iffy on Athena/Althea, Aurielle, and Zelda. We, including our son, all really like Inara Gwendolyn, and I kinda love the initials IGG making for a cute NN a la Iggy, or even a NN of Gwen. We aren't completely sold on it though.

    I don't think we have a style, I guess I'm just hoping we'll hit on a name that we both just "know" is right like we did with Lucian. We kept a back-up just in case we met him and our first choice didn't fit.

    Opinions and any other options are greatly appreciated!

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