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    I don't think you should go with Ulric, Balthazar, Dragomir, or Vladric for a first name for a little boy. I really like Bram.
    For girls, I don't like Artemis, Aurielle, or Zelda. I love Aurora, Nuala, Thisbe, and Gwendolyn.
    My favorites are Bram Gideon and Nuala Gwendolyn or Gwendolyn Nuala.

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    I like Aldric, Vladimir, or Balthazar for a boy's name. Balthazar would go great with Lucien, and it's just plain awesome.

    Inara Gwendolyn is really cute.

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    From your list, I think Magnus and Aldric are great names that would fit well with Lucian. Magnus Aldric or Aldric Magnus would work, but you could also use Magnus Roarke, Magnus Bram, or Aldric Ronan. I love Ronan but don't think it works well with Lucian since they have a similar ending sound. Same goes for Gideon (though I agree with you that Gideon also wouldn't work as a fn due to your ln).

    Aurora and Gwendolyn are my top picks from your list for a girl. Aurora Gwendolyn sounds nice and would create the initials AGG and offer the sweet nn Aggie. Gwendolyn Aurora also sounds lovely but the initials would make her GAG. Or you could do Gwendolyn Thisbe--I think Gwen is a great nn.

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    Bram - very normal compared to your others, I like it best I think
    Magnus - eh, ok
    Ulric or Aldric, prefer aldric
    Vladimir - are you russian? I would assume so if I met a little Vlad.
    Dragomir - this is my least favorite, personally
    Roarke - strange but ok
    Ronan - workable
    Graeme and Gideon, but not with our last name. Perhaps as middle names? Our first inclination was Vladimir Ulric, since that was our back-up for our first kiddo, but we aren't so sure now. Hubby loves Balthazar Dragomir, but I don't know if I can do that to a little baby, lol. Although I do like Baz as a NN

    All your boys names are over-the-top for me. I say Sebastian or Bastian nn Baz.
    Your names seem very "fighting-man" to me. What about Victor?
    I may be off, but some of these seem a little Sci-Fi TV, maybe Mal as a nn for Malachi
    Lucian is a great name, but doesn't match the harsh consonants of some of these.

    Inara - lovely, but you will have to spell it.
    Nuada or Nuala - not as real
    Artemis - I really like your greek A-name girls
    Thisbe - rhymes with frisbee? no.
    Aurora - I would pick this
    Gwendolyn - I like the sound of this with your last name
    Athena/Althea - I like Athena for you
    Aurielle - I prefer aurora
    Zelda - video games
    We, including our son, all really like Inara Gwendolyn, and I kinda love the initials IGG making for a cute NN a la Iggy, or even a NN of Gwen. We aren't completely sold on it though.

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    Thanks everyone for your input! I so appreciate it! Hubby has since vetoed Magnus, lol. I've never really loved Ulric/Aldric, they were more middle name options. I absolutely love Sebastian, it was the first name on my original list - but hubby just doesn't like it. We still are unsure of our boy name choices, just can't decide on anything. Nothing rings "right", you know? With Lucian, we were looking for something un-popular, that was definitively masculine (no gender nuetral names), and was strong. We knew we made the right choice the first time we saw him. And now that he's almost 6, it's easy to see his name suits him perfectly. We're looking for the same thing this time, it's just not happening

    I love the name Artemis, and also Thisbe , but hubby isn't sold on either, and Lucian hates Thisbe, lol. Hubs has since thrown Elora into the mix, which I also like. We're fairly decided on Inara as a first name, with Elora as a back up, and I am relieved. For the first time in my life, I find myself hoping I have a girl, if only because we already have names we love picked out.

    We definitely are not afraid of obscure names, nor ones that seem to belong to a specific culture. His heritage is mostly Welsh, with a sprinkling of Irish and Scottish. I'm a mutt, heavy on the German. To us names are universal, they shouldn't belong to just a single region, and all are fair game Please if you have any more suggestions we would love to hear them!

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