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    baby girl names!!

    we have 2 boys Mason and Beau. we are having a girl in 7 weeks, me and my hubby cant agree on names so we asked out 10 year old what names he liked this is the list he came up with.. please let me know what you think... keep in mind we are country/redneck folk. we both grew up on farms with horses. my boys all hunt and fish..
    middle name would be a family name ( Grace or Leigh)
    Chyenne Leigh
    Miranda grace
    Autumn Grace
    Kassidy Grace
    Cabella Grace (nn Bella)
    Avery Grace
    Adelyn Grace
    Camryn Grace (nn Cami)
    Sterling Grace
    Kinley Grace
    Kylie Grace
    Huntleigh Grace

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    I am in the same boat as you, and are wanting similar style names and am having a hard time.

    I would go with Adelyn, Kinley, or Cheyenne.

    Another suggestion
    Remmington nn Remy or just Remy

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    its so hard i can come up with boy names all day long... i have 25 cousins on 1 side, there is already a Rylie, Taylor and Bailey and i had a horse Kodi.. our dogs are Sadie Mae, Dixie and Remi.. i did like Remi Leigh..thanks though

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    Miranda by a mile. Gorgeous. And I love Beau!

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    thank you he is actually Beau Hunter... and it fits him to a T

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