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    please keep in mind that our 9 year old son came up with these names so no rude comments ....

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    First off love your boys names, Beau and Mason are great.
    My top 5 from your list are:
    1. Adelyn Grace
    2. Miranda Grace
    3. Kassidy Grace
    4. Camryn Grace nn Cami
    5. Autumn Grace

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    Beau and Mason are beautiful names! Absolutely LOVE Mason to bits!

    I Love:
    Miranda grace
    Autumn Grace
    Cabella Grace (nn Bella)

    I really dislike Huntleigh it sounds masculine, made up and a bit trashy (sorry!)
    and I'm not keen on names like Adelyn or Camryn - I have a pet hate of oddly placed 'y's!

    Miranda, Autumn and Cabella are beautiful! Goodluck!

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    thanks everyone

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    does anyone have another suggestion for names that are country/ southern....

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