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    Autumn, Miranda, Cassidy (can't get behind the K, sorry) and Avery all work really well with your boys' names. I love the name Beau so much!

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    I think he has fabulous taste, as he picked my daughter's name... Autumn Grace. I love it and we have received so many compliments on it. Some issues that I wouldn't have thought of are that she often gets confused with either Amber or April. And we have even gotten some confused people hearing "Adam" before they see her.

    For the other names
    Huntleigh~ too close to your son's middle name of Hunter
    Cabella~ although I think it has a lovely ring to it, I think that the connection to the Cabela store might be ground for teasing.
    Sterling~ I think it's very masculine so I wouldn't personally use it.
    Miranda~ I think this is a fabulous choice, very pretty
    Adelyn~ I like this choice and the nn Addie. But I do prefer Addison more personally
    Chyenne~ I think this fits the vibe that you are going for perfectly

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    My favorites from your list are Chyenne Leigh, Kassidy Grace, Cabella Grace (nn Bella) & Camryn Grace (nn Cami).
    The others seem too trendy and are getting too popular. Your boys have great taste in names!

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    Please don't name a little girl after the Cabella catalog! Adelyn, Miranda, & Autumn are all great.

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    Adelyn and Miranda are my favorite.
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