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Thread: Is it useable?

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    I'm going to add in that I'm not sure how to pronounce it. Also, I keep thinking "irony."

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    Love Idony!!! I have seen it spelled Idonea, too, but I think that one might really have pronounciation issues. I would pronounce it like EYE-da-nee/IDA-nee.

    EDIT: Yes, like Irony but with a D.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emilyva View Post
    Idony? I-don-know.
    This was the word association that popped into my mind when I heard it. It's not a lifelong problem, but it would certainly raise pressure when being called on in elementary school. (She's NOT going to want to say "I duhn know", you know?)

    I like Ida. Similar sound, less baggage.
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    Wow. I would never have associated it with many of the words you ladies have mentioned and I appreciate the heads up! I'm pronouncing it EYE-da-nee but perhaps this is wrong given all the comments about no idea how to pronounce it? I was sure I would get mixed reactions but more nays than yays will give me something to ponder. I like the suggestion of Isolde; she has been on my list for some time but I thought there may be pronunciation issues there too. I really appreciate the feedback. Any other suggestions?

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    @emmabobemma thank you for the nice comment about my girls names!

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