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Thread: Is it useable?

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    Is it useable?

    I had a revelation the other day... Most of the worlds population are not berries! I was spouting off my name list to my husband and he was baffled. He had never heard the majority of names I mentioned. I suppose this would be the case with the majority of my friends and family, sigh. He did pause when I mentioned Idony however. According to my research, Idony has not been used in the US (at least since 1880 which is the year the site I was using ended). So I ask you, is Idony useable? We have 2 daughters now, Vitalia and Laurel. Would they make a good sib set? Also, any suggestions to go with our girls names?
    I'm not pregnant yet but ttc and just feel we are destined to have girls only.

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    1. I don't know how to pronounce it. Ih-dough-knee? eye-duh-knee?
    2. I've never heard it so at first glance I would assume it was made up
    3. It looks like a combination of Ivory and India (both rather tacky)
    4. It would lead very easily into "Idiot" teasing.

    All that said, I wouldn't use it.
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    I think it's usable.
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    I see it as a Ivory with d and n. Eye-do-ny? Or Aiden-ie?
    Anyway, it's definitely useable.

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    I think it's wonderful, and would be perfect with your other beautiful girls' names. Kala's point about possible "idiot" teasing is worth considering. The original "Idunn" is freaking gorgeous, but way too heavy for most ears I'm guessing. There's also Sidonie (as in Colette.) Iona could be lovely in your sibset too. Isolde? I have a soft spot for the eccentric Iphigenia too, though it's probably not so wearable (unless nicked to Iphi.) Ah the I-names..

    I love the nickname Io. I think of it for Iona, but it could work for Idony too.

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