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    Middle name for Clara?

    Clara is a family name we would like to use, and we are actually thinking of using it as her first name. Totally stuck on a middle name though.

    Also, does the name go with siblings Jobe Thomas and Flynn Michael/Flynn Robert (still undecided!)?

    Thanks heaps!

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    It looks like you like the middle name to be one syllable if the first is two, and vice

    Clara Mae
    Clara Ruth
    Clara Grace
    Clara Belle
    Clara Fern
    Clara Blythe
    Clara Brooke
    Clara Lynn (maybe too close to Flynn, though)
    Clara Rue
    Clara Wren
    Courtney (larking.)
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    I think Clara goes nicely with Jobe and Flynn. I would pair Clara with a longer middle.

    Clara Madeleine
    Clara Noemi (I actually quite like this one, and may use it myself)
    Clara Elisabeth (with an 's'. I like Clara with this spelling of Elizabeth)
    Clara Ianthe
    Clara Genevieve
    Clara Rosalie
    Clara Evangeline
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