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  • Eliot

    16 23.88%
  • Elyot

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  • Eliott

    50 74.63%
  • Elyott

    1 1.49%
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    Vote On The Spelling That You Like Best

    I have a love for the girl name Eliot / Eliott / Elyot / Elyott. But which spelling do you personally like best? I originally loved spelling it with a Y instead of an I - I thought maybe it made it more girly and different. And since my name is Hilary, which is with one L, I like the name Eliot with one L, too.

    What do you Berries think? ....

    Does Elyot / Elyott look too crazy? Do you think people will get how it's pronounced if it's spelled with a Y? Or should I just stick to the common spelling? Or should I even go with two Ls, instead of one? Can't wait to hear your suggestions!


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    Of those I prefer Eliot (although my preferred spelling is Elliot), but ONLY for a boy, I can't stand the name for a girl.

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    I voted for a spelling thinking that Eliott was for a boy. I prefer that spelling of Eliott out of your other spellings, although my personal naming style I am not into naming girls with boy names, but everybody has their own style. I will say that from your signature you have some real gems there: Daphne (one of my top 5), Fiona, Elsie and Eleanor (in my top 5), Chandler (if this is for a boy I think it's super handsome), Emmett (like it), and Larkin is really cute for a girl. I also like your other names in your signature of Thatcher, Fletcher and Thorton.

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    Please don't use Elliot on a girl! Just because it was on Scrubs, doesn't mean its okay. And Elyot makes it look like it should be said el-yot. It looks really bad imo. I'm not trying to be rude, but honesty when it comes to names is important to me.

    Elyot is awful.
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    I totally forgot that there was a girl named Eliot on Scrubs. Haha!

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