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  • Eliot

    16 23.88%
  • Elyot

    0 0%
  • Eliott

    50 74.63%
  • Elyott

    1 1.49%
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    I prefer Elliot or Elliott. I agree with others that it should just be a boys name! I also agree that spelling it with a y just doesn't look good. Sorry.
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    Please, please don't give this handsome boy name to a little girl. Plus, the spelling would be Elliot or Elliott.

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    I would advise you to avoid the trendy "y" and spell it correctly for either gender (Eliot, Elliot, and Elliott are all legitimate spellings). Even better, may I suggest you give your daughter the similar form of Eliette (French female name).
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    My favourite spelling for Elliott isn't there - two Ls and two Ts - to me it just looks more complete that way. However since that wasn't an option I went with Eliott, because Eliot reminds me of pilot and Elyot (+variations) is awful.
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    Elyot(t) with the Y spellings the takes on an unusual and unattractive shape. It has a jumbled appearance and doesn't lseem to resemble the more solid Eliot(t) at all.

    Of all the spellings of Eliot, the most feminine to me is Elliott. It reminds me of Ellie and Odette.
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