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Thread: Hugh

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    I like Hugh, a handsome, underused name. I think Roland makes a nice mn.

    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    I don't like either names myself, but on someone else's child it is a good combination. I prefer Hugo to Hugh.

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    We're thinking about other possible middles for Hugh right now, with Roland becoming the default if we can't find something we love. Our last name begins with T so we're staying away from names beginning with O and A - though we both have a soft spot for Augusten/Augustin/August. We would also like to avoid a G/J sound to eliminate the sound of Hugh running right into a Guh sound calling to mind "huge."

    Some ideas right now:

    Hugh Benjamin
    Hugh Samuel
    Hugh Philip (we've nixed that one, but it gives you an idea of what style we like, classics)
    Hugh Edward
    Hugh Thomas
    Hugh Rupert

    As I said, we're not feeling that "this is it!" with any of these so I'd love to hear new suggestions!

    Thanks in advance

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    A lovely name. So masculine, classy and unfussy.

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