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    I heavily dislike Teddy. Nobody would employ a Teddy! He'd be a laughing stock in his teens not to mention ridiculed if he ever wanted to go into a professional career like being a lawyer or a doctor. Theodore and Edward would be much better... Though I'd prefer Theo and Ed.
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    It's not ideal but I don't think it's that bad. I prefer it as a nickname for Theodore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paw View Post
    I prefer going with Theodore or Edward and using the nn Teddy. Think of a grown man trying to taken seriously as a banker, solicitor, etc.
    All of this. I have a friend named Theodore who went by Teddy when he was younger but now prefers just Ted, or Theodore.
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    I just wanted to say we have very similar tastes in names! I have a Milo and my list this time includes Hattie, Finn and Lucas!

    I was looking up Teddy b/c it was my fathers childhood nickname (his middlename is Theodore) but he really disliked it as a name. I would go with Theodore and use it as a nickname instead of a primary...

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    There was a boy in the year below me at school who was Teddy - no longer name on BC, that was it. He went by Ted when he got later up the school.

    Personally I'd go with Theodore or Edward nn Teddy but just to say I've seen it done and I don't think he got mentally scarred by it at all - he was a pretty popular kid from what I remember. I wouldn't say a Teddy would have it too rough - he could go by Ted easily as an adult.

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