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    My husband is pretty set on Felix if we are able to conceive a third, and we have a boy. I wouldn't mind more pink, but we do already have two girls, Ruby June & Lucy Pearl. So, what do you think of Felix in general and with my girls' names? Thanks in advance!

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    javad Guest
    I think Felix is a solid choice. One that I like more and more over time. And it has a cool meaning, which is always nice to have. Ruby, Lucy and Felix would be just fine. Felix isn't exactly the same style as Ruby and Lucy, but it's not so far away to matter much. It's the kind of name that works fine with most sibsets.

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    I LOVE Felix and the meaning - it only came off the list because I couldn't find a middle name I liked with it. Out of interest, what would Felix's middle name be? (I won't steal it, I promise) Good luck!

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    I really like Felix and I think it would be lovely with Ruby and Lucy.

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    A little boy in my class is Felix Asher
    Already blessed with a daughter Ella Paige and now planning number 2!!
    Current favourites include:
    Girls - Lois, Ava, Genevieve, Sophie, Ines & Alice
    Boys - Luca, Arlo, Evan, Leo, Tomas & Henry
    Combos - Lois Genevieve & Evan Henry

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