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    One of my close friends growing up was Jane Frances, first and middle, and I always really loved her name, I think it's really sweet - is that an option?

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    My only issue with Jane as a first name is that our son's name is James Patrick ("jimmy"). It makes me nervous to have two J named kids....seems like a lot of pressure for future siblings. Plus, my dh says Jane as a fn is a definite 'no', so I would have my work cut out for me to convince him otherwise. It seems like I should start circling my back up lists

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    I might be seeing this through "I really really love all three of these names soooo much" glasses, but I think Frances Jane French works just fine. I doubt this'll work if DH has already vetoed Jane as a first name, but maybe she could go by her middle name?

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    I love both names, but personally, I wouldn't do Frances French. I'm all for alliteration but it's more the imagery associated with this name. All I see is the Eiffel Tower (not that it's such a bad thing to be associated with I guess).

    I think Jane Frances would be the way to go... but then so similar to your son's name. Seems like you're in a bit of a pickle!

    I love the suggestion of Flora Jane!

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    I really love Jane Frances!

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