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  • Jasper

    19 16.81%
  • Conrad

    47 41.59%
  • Roland

    74 65.49%
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    I don't mean to at all be disrespectful, but just to point out a bit of an oversimplification. Actually, the Chinese naming system is extremely complex. And although there are "natural" elements in characters, Chinese names tend to be no more "nature" related than Western names (you find the occasional Lily or Ice, but there are even more Upright Men, Broad Love, Shining on the East, etc.). They do relate the naming process to nature (choosing names which balance one's elements), quite similar to the Indian system, but that has no bearing on choosing Jasper. Sorry, I've lived in China for most of my adult life (I'm an anthropologist), so this is just a pet peeve of mine...

    I do love the reference to the Magi, and Jasper is ok. However, it seems very trendy. I'd actually prefer Casper over Jasper. Based on the name (which happens to be my husband's name), I am assuming you might be Persian? If so, I'd also recommend Kian and Cyrus. Out of your list, my favs are actually Emrys and Jasper. I know a Conrad, so it doesn't have the best connotation with me. Roland sounds, well, a bit rolly. However, I do love "The Song of Roland"... maybe if you could find a nice nickname or put it as a middle name... Evander sounds like the ear-biting boxer. I've never heard of Amias before... I am undecided on that one.

    It does, however, depend on your surname.
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