View Poll Results: Which girl name is better with middle name Emerald?

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  • Beatrice

    41 31.54%
  • Sybilla (nn Billie)

    23 17.69%
  • Zara (ZAH-ruh)

    29 22.31%
  • Claire

    23 17.69%
  • Vivien

    46 35.38%
  • Tabitha

    17 13.08%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    missusaytch Guest

    Please vote - which girl name is best?

    Last name Hat.ten, middle name most likely Emerald. Just seeing what your opinions are. Would love any comments.

    Thanks so much!

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    I love Sybilla, especially with the retro-chic nickname Billie. Sybilla Emerald is simply divine.
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    Zara. Zara Emerald is all sorts of awesome.
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    Hmm, tough. My first instinct is Vivien but not with Hatten-- don't like the rhyming ending. Tabitha and Hatten share the flat a vowel soundin the first syllable which makes it sounds a bit nasal and twangy; I also don't think the sweet biblical Tabitha can stand up to saucy Emerald very well.

    As for Claire, I think it would be best reversed (Emerald Claire Hatten), but like the nice, serious, crisp Claire paired with funkier Emerald.

    Sybilla, Beatrice and Zara all have the right amount of style and sass to pair with Emerald. I like Zara best for two reasons: a) I prefer the 2-3-2 syllable flow and b) I think the exotic, lush Zara really make Emerald shine. However it was a tough call-- Beatrice has the same serious crispness as Claire, and Sybilla has your rockabilly nickname plus serious old lady chic.
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    Sybilla is my favorite with Emerald. I love just Sibyl/Sybil more... but Sybilla does flow well here. Billie has the same polka-dot fun factor as Betty without the bad family karma.

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