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    Its funny but I immediately wondered why you weren't going to use Dolores too! I think Anya Dolores is lovely.

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    From your list my favorite is Anya Caroline, but I agree that Anya Delores workes really well and I think you should use that!

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    Honestly, I'm not a fan of rhymy names (such as having 2 names with the same ending). Anya ends with an A sound, and Thompson ends with an N... I'd avoid those endings. Also, Anya and Thompson both have 2 syllables... so I'd go for a 1 or 3+ syllable name (with the exception of 2 syllable names with the stress on the 2nd syllable, like Margot). Nothing ending with a T, either, as it will slur (i.e. Coletthompson); and nothing beginning with an A (it will also slur, i.e. Anyabigail).

    So, based on that, I'd say Anya Elizabeth really flows the best.

    Other ideas:
    Anya Felicity
    Anya Rosalie
    Anya Margot
    Anya Noelle
    Anya Valerie
    Anya Blair
    Anya Briar
    Anya Blythe
    Anya Brooke
    Anya Claire
    Anya Cassidy
    Anya Coralie
    Anya Eve
    Anya Raquel
    Anya Rochelle
    Anya Estelle
    Anya Isabelle
    Anya Clarabelle
    Anya Belle
    Anya Rose
    Anya Maeve
    Anya Marie
    Anya May
    Anya Fay
    Anya Genevieve
    Anya Guinevere
    Anya Liv
    Anya Laleh
    Anya Pearl
    Anya Penelope
    Anya Caroline
    Anya Gabrielle
    Anya Rae
    Anya Rosemary
    Anya Rosemarie
    Anya Maryam
    Anya Elise
    Anya Talise
    Anya Tennille
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