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    Natassia or Jessamine

    For our second baby, my DH and I had been set on Jessamine Lyric Skye (2 middle names) to go with our daughter, Sepphiria Jade Raine.
    The other day my DH came upon the name Natassia and fell in love with it and now doesn't want to use Jessamine! I like both names, but I think Jessamine goes better with Sepphiria.

    What do y'all think?? Also, to entertain the name Natassia, what name would be fit as a MN?

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    flick Guest
    I have never seen Natassia, but I want to assume that it is a form of Nastasia, which is a form of Anastasia. I personally like it, though I do prefer Nastasia, though I can see why people wouldn't prefer that spelling since it basically has the word nasty in it. From what I can dig up on it, though, it seems like it is actually used as a variation.

    As much as I love Jessamine, I think that Natassia fits really well with your daughters name.

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    flick Guest
    As for middles, I think that what you have already chosen with Jessamine still flows with Natassia if those have meaning to you.

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    The middle names we had chosen for Jessamine don't really have any special meaning, we just loved the names.

    I had been thinking of Piper or Sage as a middle name, but my DH isn't as on board (especially with Piper). :-/

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    I like both. Jessamine is very cute (and you can call her Mini!) and pink and bubbly. Natassia is a long time love for me, it's a bit dark which I love.

    Natassia Coral Sage
    Natassia Coral Glow
    Natassia Petal Joy
    Natassia Sonnet Joy
    Natassia Honey Snow
    Natassia Ruby Bliss
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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