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    Quote Originally Posted by mclevine View Post
    Emm... I do not consider myself a Russian name expert but I live in Ukraine and I can say. No one who is really familiar with Russian culture will use nicknames as full names here. You may know a man who goes by Sasha everywhere but officially his name is Aleksandr for sure. They may never use their full name but have it in passport.
    Using a nickname as a full name is popular in US and, of course, there is nothing wrong, but you can't say Nastassia is a Russian given name. Anastasia, for sure, but Nastassia sounds all American to me.
    I am not against Nastassia, but you should know it isn't a Russian full name. Actually Annouchka, Mashenka, Sasha, Fedya etc are not given name too. But since we are in US(UK, Austarlia) ,use the name you like.
    First, she's asking about Natassia, NOT Nastassia.

    Second... I'm part Russian, I have tons of cousins over there, two of them named (yes named, christened in the church and all) Annoushka and Natasja.
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