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    Do these names fit the personalities?

    Okay, so I sort of decided on names for this one before I had a background and description for the characters, and the characters just aren't ending up to have the personalities I planned originally.

    Main character:
    Canyon Reynolds (has a twin - Lincoln Reynolds) - sons of a powerful government official (Atticus Reynolds) and are about 17 or 18 years old.

    What do you think of these?
    - Cecily Vaughn
    - Nikolai Romanov (Can you think of a better obviously Russian last name without the connotations? I cant seem to)
    - Annabelle James ("Annie")

    These need to be somewhat memorable, especially Canyon's character. I have become sort of attached to Canyon, but does it work? thanks!

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    Cecily Vaughn is very nice, sounds like the name of a reporter with really good hair.
    Nikolai .... what about something similar but less familiar - like Rusanov, Rudov or Marinov
    Annabelle James is fine. A bit plain, but it could fit the character well. Annie is very cute.

    I personally don't know if I would take a book seriously if the main character was named Canyon--it seems too much of a guilty pleasure name, especially from a politician. But if you're very attached to it, then stand by it.
    Other options might be:
    Caius/Cassius - reminds me of the father's name
    Camden - similar feel to Canyon but more namelike
    Coleman - goes well with Lincoln
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    Cecily Vaughn is nice; I see a businesswoman with a light-hearted personality, but can become serious when the circumstance calls for it.

    Nikolai - I don't care for the name itself, but I'm also blinded by the fact that I just read Crime and Punishment for school, which contained a character with a similar I end up thinking of a painter, or a criminal. Here's a site with some Russian last names:

    Annabelle James - Alright, but it seems to be a cookie-cutter character name...something that can fit pretty much any personality. A cute nickname might give a little more personality though.

    I don't really like Canyon, nor do I think it goes very well with Lincoln. Since he's a politician's son and his twin is Lincoln, maybe another president's name would be fitting.

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    I think these names are pretty nice:
    - Cecily Vaughn - I really like Cecily
    - Nikolai Romanov (Try behind the they have some Russian last names), Nikolai is always fun.
    - Annabelle James- I don't really like James as a last name but I guess it works.

    Well I really don't like it. I think with a twin named Lincoln (which is one of my favorites right now) it sounds weird. It doesn't go well. It makes me wonder why Atticus would name one son something really masculine and strong sounding and naming the other after a landmark. Maybe it could be a nickname. I agree with tay2thestars, since he's a politician, maybe another president's name would work.

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    Nikolai Romaniv was a czar FYI. NO ONE in Russia won't use the same name as a czar.
    @kala_way - Rusanov, Rudanov or Marinov are not Russian surnames. At least, not crazy popular ones. Marina is a girl name and Russian don't have last names from girl names, only from boy(Roman - Romanov, Ivan - Ivanov, Petr - Petrov).
    Nikolai Zaharov, Popov or Frolov will be just fine. BTW, Kolya is a Russian nn for Nikolai.
    Sorry, but Lincoln and Canyon don't sound like children of a powerful man. If their dad is powerful, he most likely won't name his kids after presidents. And Canyon sounds more like a guilty pleasure.
    Cecily Vaughn is a great name. Annabelle James is fine too and I like Annie.

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