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    Romantic Girl Names

    I would love to hear what the other berries out there consider to be "Romantic" girl names. I'll be going in on Wednesday morning to be induced if she doesn't come on her own a bit earlier, and while we have a choice we love (Gemma Hermione), I would love to have one or two backup names just in case once we see her our pick won't feel like it suits her. I've only had it happen once before, but that's enough to teach me to be prepared.

    I've abandoned any name I was thinking of incorporating to honor my son Remy, who died of SIDS at 4.5 months old back in 2010. She should have her own name. (Thank you for everyone who pointed that out, you did so firmly but with great kindness and I appreciated it!). I am also not trying to work an Italian vibe necessarily like I previously was set upon. My other daughters are Ava Dulcea and Mia Isobel. But with these other options I am not trying to be super matchy, other than trying to land the romantic theme. They may be Italian names but part of my allure for Ava and Mia is they both struck me as being romantic, so does Genevieve.

    The one name I have as a backup is Genevieve, but not sure about a middle name just yet. Would love suggestions. Have never been able to come up with a middle name I just LOVE with Genevieve the way I LOVE Hermione with Gemma.

    And I would also like to see what some of you suggest to see what I might like as a second or third backup option or even to mix and match as first/middle name combos.

    Suggest whatever you want. This is about what you perceive to be a romantic girl name.

    With great anticipation and appreciation, I thank you ahead of time. <3
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